by Terri Kang (Sun Gwang) 


Meditation has been a very popular topic this last decade. There are few enlightened teachers who meditated without eating, sleeping, or even laying down for 21 days. There are any number of meditators with any number of methods for presumed success.

One ancient Korean meditator from about 6000 years ago is reported as saying, “You people think the earth is as big as it looks to you, but I tell you, it is the size of a small marble!” He got this message through meditation even before the existence of Copernicus, Aristotle, or Galileo.

Through my experiences of meditation, I have learned five things that have had a great impact on my life. These things have changed my whole life pattern, and I believe they can change yours as well.



Stressed GirlWhen looking over your life, what is it that makes most of the problems and unhappiness? What is it that is blocking your success? Believe it or not, I have the answer. It is Attachments!

The more attachments you have, the more sick you are, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physically, you can attach to foods, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Emotionally and mentally, you may be attached to anger towards someone, or a feeling of sadness about some aspect of you life. Spiritually you may be attached to certain thoughts or worries, such as poor job security, or what if I lose my boyfriend/girlfriend, or what if I get sick.

When you meditate, these things are drawn out from the deep inner layers of your being to the outer layers where you can examine and confront them, if you are brave enough, and finally release them.

You have to be very honest about these attachments, or you will lose the chance to detach from them and transform yourself into a higher level. If you make excuses, or are in denial about them, you will stay stuck, and this can make you mentally unstable and physically ill.

The first purpose of meditation is all about detaching from all attachments.  It comes from the power of how you scan yourself inside. In other words, how you can observe yourself. If you can scan and observe honestly you are closer to detaching it and emptying. Meditation is an aesthetic exercise in emptying.



Yoga pose, Abstract color backgroundIf you feel a little sick in your stomach, how is your meditation going to go? If your head is popping out thoughts like firecrackers, or you are worried about something, how is your meditation going to go? Many will tell you that that’s why you are meditating, to calm the mind and fix the anger or worries, etc., that’s bothering you.

This is backwards! The true benefits of meditation only kick in when you first have a cool head, open heart, and warm abdomen. This opens the energy lines so that the heavenly energies can pour in! Another purpose of meditation is converting oneself to the natural mode; that is, to a state that is peaceful, joyful, grateful, and compassionate. Without proper preparation, the energy can come is reversed, with very unpleasant consequences. This can bring up resentments and an over-sensitized mind.

My father is an example of reversed energy in meditation. He meditated for ten years on his own, and I noticed him becoming more and more over-sensitive and distractible. Then he came down with Diabetes and then Parkinson’s Disease.

When the meditation energies reverse, they can burn the brain circuits, and all kinds of ailments can appear. I have met people who neglect the body, and concentrate on only their brains during meditation, which negatively affects the brain and body.

Yoga is a great physical preparation for the mental/spiritual exercise of meditation. It promotes the cool head, open heart, and warm abdomen which allows the incoming higher energies to flow in and benefit the individual.



wooden path on a lake and moonIf you really want to experience heaven’s energies, wake yourself up early to meditate between 3:30 and 5:00 every morning. At this time, all around you are asleep, and the earth energies are still and sweet, peaceful and divine. There are no judgments, criticisms, opinions, worries, or bad attitudes aimed at you, or sent out into the ethers.

This is the time the heavenly energy speaks to your soul, and feeds your spirit. This is the time for divine messages. It’s the time when heaven will help you change your energies and find a new state of being, and a new path!

Your confidence will rise! Your life will change! You will clearly picture the events on your time-line, and achieve your vision!

Start with 7 days, then go for 21 days, then 100 days. Write your experiences and messages each day in a journal, and you will clearly see the wonderful inspirations and the changes in yourself and your life according to these count of days.



mind, body, spirit, soul and youWhen you have practiced correctly and brought yourself back to the natural state, which is the meditative state, you will experience the three main principles that indicate successful meditative discipline and aesthetics. They are:

1) Water energy up, Fire energy down,

2) Warm abdomen, Open heart, Bright brain, and

3) From Mind to Matter.

Everything else in life changes, except these principles. They become lifelong guides and teachers.  When you are in the meditative state, you naturally know what these principles mean in the ways they function in your life. Everything else becomes opinion, preconception, judgment, and imagination. Listening to these negative messages can have serious unpleasant consequences in your life.

For example, one meditator received a message that she needed to be a “good” person. She was fairly well-off, when she got this message, so felt she needed to give large amounts of money to several people there that looked needy. Temporarily her guilt was assuaged, and she felt “good”. Of course, when reality set in, she was very regretful, and unhappy about it the rest of her days.

When you’ve been meditating correctly, both sides of your brain are integrated, and your day-to-day real life is much more harmonious, clear, and happy. Your quality of life is improved, and your affairs, as relationships, finances, health, and state of mind all fall into a harmonious state.

Keep your eyes on this barometer of the three principles, and your life will transform!



Magnifying Glass - QuestionsI needed so many answers, and so many changes, my life was a nightmare of unbearable circumstances and bad feelings. I finally discovered meditation, how to activate the divine flow of cosmic energy (Life Particle Energy) into my body in order to receive wisdom messages.

I also found that upon going to bed with a question, I usually would wake up in the morning with the answer. Deep sleep is a different form of meditation too.

So more and more, I questioned. My state of mind was complete confusion, so I sought wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. This is not as direct or quick as asking people or reading books, but infinitely more accurate and perfect. Books and people may make a lot of sense, but they are not answers just for you, and they don’t evoke the passion and joy a real answer from heaven does.

Another goal of meditation is to receive messages and answers from heaven within, which is real wisdom. In order to receive answers, though, one must keep asking the questions, sincerely and deeply wanting the answer. If you keep practicing, and don’t give up, you will become enlightened. Like the ancient Korean seeker that desperately wanted to know about the truth of planet earth, and was answered that it was just like a small marble, you can received the answers most important and meaningful to you.

Meditation is not a theory, idea, or suggestion. It is a tool to empower and change your life. In meditating the 7, then 21, then 100 days, you will find that you’ll soon be meditating very deeply and meaningfully, and find yourself and your understandings greatly changing. This is something that is an extremely worthwhile lifetime endeavor.

You will be surprised and grateful at how much heaven is within you, and is loving you and guiding you every moment of your life. If you need help to start meditation, do not hesitate to receive guidance from someone who practices meditation daily and has found the balance of life.


About Terri

Terri Kang
Terri Kang

Terri Kang has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids and teens between 5 and 17 at the Brain Education in Korea for four years. She developed various programs to help students improve their body, mind, and brain power and implemented this program to help them improve their school grades, social relationships, leadership, and English Language skills.

She’s been working at Tao Healing Center as a Tao Teacher since November, 2011. She’s taught Tao yoga, meditation, and delivered Tao Principles to a wide range of people. Her passion is finding a solution for Parkinson’s Disease since her father was diagnosed with Parkinsons.  She will be soon teaching brain exercises at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre in Phoenix, AZ.

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