iResus is not available at the moment

Fans of the The Resuscitation Council (UK)’s app iResus may know that this app is not available at the moment but according to their website:

We will be reviewing the application in the lead up to the new guidelines release in 2015, inlcuding the possibility of an Android version.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines 2010 algorithms are however on their website and can be downloaded free in their section Algorithms in Resuscitation Guidelines. We also include links in the table below from their site.

 Adult Basic Life Support
 Adult choking algorithm
 AED algorithm
 In-hospital resuscitation
 Adult Advanced Life Support
 Adult bradycardia algorithm
 Adult tachycardia algorithm
 Paediatric Basic Life Support
 Paediatric choking treatment
 Paediatric Advanced Life Support
 Newborn Life Support

For full information go to

While you wait for the updated app to come back into availability, see this youtube below on how this app was used in practice.