Rebecca Al-Lahiq was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer stage 1B1 in February 2013.

She initially believed that she would face a radical hysterectomy, but, when a small spread to her nodes was discovered, her treatment path was changed to a combination of chemotherapy and internal and external radiation therapy.

Rebecca made the brave decision to vlogg about her journey from diagnosis, through treatment and after. She did this she says:

To use this platform to document my journey for women who are going through this, and especially for women who are between the ages of 25-35 who, like me, have not had children and face a different way in which they will now embark on motherhood, relationships and the world around them.…

Thankfully Rebecca is now in remission.

Rebecca’s videos are available on her youtube site, This is Thirty. However with permission from Rebecca we have included her journey here as for anyone who faces a similar journey, the honesty and immediacy of Rebecca’s updates are both inspiring and consoling.

She is a positive person with a wonderful attitude, but as anyone who has experienced cancer knows, along with the desire to remain positive and to fight, there are also days of fear and sorrow.

Going through all the ups and downs with Rebecca, helps anyone experiencing cancer to feel less alone. It’s also a good insight for those supporting a loved one going through cancer treatment.

Cancer is ultimately a personal experience and at times a very lonely one and while reading about other’s experiences is very helpful, the direct connection that Rebecca offers via her vloggs is very powerful and so a big thank you to Rebecca for her honesty and her courage.


Introducing Rebecca

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