heartDr. Jordan Grumet

“We physicians need to tell each other, We need to confide in our brethren. For those of us stuck in the thick mud of human destruction, the divide is too great for the uninitiated.

But there is something we can do to fight the colossal mess of what Healthcare has become today.”

Jordan Grumet MD is an internal medicine physician who owns a private practice in Northbrook, IL, USA.

He writes about life from his side of the stethoscope and often provides insightful, witty, hones and sometimes heartbreaking accounts of all the is going right and wrong in medicine.

Listen to him speaking about what he feels needs to change as his outlines his vision of Caring 2.0 at a conference in Dublin and it might just get you thinking about the medical “system’ in a whole new way.

His top blogs of 2014 are here and are worth a read:

1.Let’s Be Real Clear About This…Are doctors being overpaid and causing the catastrophic rise in American Healthcare costs?

2.Doctors Behaving Badly…A dozen set of eyes stared upwards. The nurses ate their pizza and glanced back and forth between me and the dry erase board that I had recently filled with incomprehensible scrawl.

3.Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong, Tell Them That You Love Them…Malcolm Gladwell thinks we should tell people whats it’s really like to be a doctor. And by God I have invested the last seven years in doing just that.

4.Creative Destruction Or Internal CombustionEveryone seems to have a solution for the primary care crisis. Businessman and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla thinks technology and big data will replace the imperfect physician.

5.We Will Always Have This…As I have said before, when done correctly, doctoring is an act of love.

About Dr Grumet

Jordan Grumet MD Dr Grumet received his bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Michigan where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University in Chicago where he became part of the Alpha Omega Alpha honors society. He finished his training in Internal Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. He now practices Internal Medicine in Highland Park, Illinois.

Jordan is married to his wife Katie and has a son and a daughter. He owns a private practice in Highland Park, Illinois, and he is the acting Medical Director of two nursing facilities. He is an Assistant Professor at The University of Chicago School of Medicine.His short stories have appeared in Pulse—voices from the heart of medicine and Medical Economics. He is also a frequent contributor to the popular physician website KevinMD and his own blog is at http://www.jordan-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com and can be followed on Twitter (@jordangrumet).