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Created by Irish Environmental Health Graduates Emer Murphy & Michael O’Rourke, Safe Food Healthy Business is a food safety app which is applicable worldwide!

Its function is to educate food handlers, managers and proprietors of food businesses on food safety.

Safe Food Healthy Business is a one stop shop for food safety and includes information on cleaning and Health & Safety in Commercial kitchens.

The app provides you with the following:

  • Best practices for food handlers.
  • How to deal with a food poisoning outbreak.
  • Pest control identification and elimination.
  • All the latest ‘food alerts’ worldwide.
  • Setting up a domestic and commercial food business.
  • Guidance on allergen management in your food business.
  • Guidance on E. coli O157 management.
  • HACCP templates for complying with food safety law.

A good resource for anyone in the food business.

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