by Professor Lynn Basford

The Men-o-pause

hot flush

Thats Right,

 I am PAUSING-ON-MEN in my life

Just temporary you know!

but, it may last a few years! 

Small price to pay given that I have served my time,


Men-arch to Men-o-Pause, 

with regular MEN-strual-cramps:  

loads of MEN-tal Anxiety; 

and almost had a MEN-tal breakdown.

Throughout this time my hormones took care of my ova; 

ripening it every month for your MEN-sperm to fertilise it; 


they took care of my mood swings;

my central heating system;

My hair, skin, AND memory.


when I throw open windows in the middle of winter, 

and the bed clothes off several times a night

when I forget where I left the car;

when I cry over nothing,

or, laugh hysterically!

BECAUSE You know I am in  Men-o-Pausal Transition

from being a beautiful women 

to a Monster !

DONT WORRY, its only temporary, Or so they say!!