ell me why books

Some readers might remember the Tell Me Why books that seemed to answer every question you could possibly think of in the time before internet and information at the touch of a button. (I know that must have been 1000 BC right!)

What was fun about such books is that you came across information you would never have thought of asking about and so this way of reading was  slightly different to googling something specific as we do now.

So I was happy to stumble upon Joe Hanson, a Phd Biologist and science writer, who is making youtubes that are an online version of the Tell Me Why style.

His blog It’s OK to be smart is a great resource, especially for those of you who have kids at that stage when the “Why?” questions begin.

Check a few of his videos here for a sample of the fun and edutainment he offers!!


Why Your Brain Is In Your Head


Consider the (Upside-Down) Lobster


How Your Body Knows Left From Right