by Christian Pankhurst


What I’m about to share below is a simple analogy that I believe can change your entire life, whether you’re single or currently with a partner. It reveals so much about the challenges many couples face in their relationship.

First, I’d like to address a common concern I hear whenever I start talking about “masculine” and “feminine” qualities. It’s by no means meant to put you in a box, as of course we all have both the masculine and feminine energies inside of us. These energies are on a spectrum, and it’s possible that you could express any part of that spectrum at any given moment in time.

However, most of us do have a point on the masculine-feminine spectrum where we feel most at home, most at ease, most joyful; where we just naturally feel like our self. Do you know where that point is for you?

How does this apply to your relationships? Where you reside the most often, you will attract the opposite polarity. For example, a woman in her deep feminine will attract a man in his deep masculine. Likewise, someone who finds they are quite neutral will attract a neutral partner as well. That’s just how the Law of Attraction works in romantic relationships.

In the video below, you’ll learn about how the masculine or feminine qualities you and your partner most often express are affecting the aliveness of your relationship.

Remember: this isn’t to make being neutral wrong, or pose the masculine as better, or the feminine as better; nor is to make one partner right, and one partner wrong. I’ve seen a huge variety of couples who are all very happy in a way that works for them.

This discussion is just meant to add another lens in which you can view you relationship under, in hopes you’ll gain new insights to inspire change and enhance your partnership. What’s ultimately most important is for all of us to hold an intention of becoming more of who we are in our unique essences, both on our own and through our relationships.

Now, over to you! Leave a comment below to share:

  1. What moves in you as you watch this video?
  2. What questions does it bring up?
  3. What medicine do you take in?


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