with Esther Ekhart.

yoga for runners

As it’s marathon and cycling season we thought it would be a good time to run this series of yoga classes for runners. Even though designed for runners, these exercises are good for cyclists too as they deal with balancing the strains caused by repetitive movement.


Warm Up sequence

This first class is a warm up sequence. Warm up your legs, hips and upper body before your run. Your run will be more pleasant and your body happier. Use this practice to balance strength and increase your range of movement.

20 Minute Workout

The second class is a 20 minute workout.

Practice this yoga class 1-3 times a week to balance the repetitive action of running on the body. During this yoga routine you work on over-all strength, flexibility and it will increase awareness of your posture as a runner. Also it will help to relax the mind and give you an overall feel good feeling.

Cooling Down Sequence

Class three, time to cool down.

Stretch out your body after a run to keep your muscles healthy and loose. Stretching out properly will prevent unnecessary injury. You can do this sequence outside as well, no need for a mat or dry earth..

Happy running 🙂

For more of Esther’s online classes go to EkhartYoga.com


Esther Ekhart

ester ekhartAs the daughter of a yoga teacher, Esther started practicing yoga early in life. Esther followed two main training paths: one in Hatha yoga with the Saswitha Foundation in Zeist, Netherlands; the other in the Vinyasa yoga style with David Curtis (who trained under Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller) in Ireland.

She founded EkhartYoga.com to present her classes to an even larger community via online yoga. She says: “Teaching gives me the chance to express my love for life and to share my love for yoga and all the benefits yoga has to offer with others.”

See more about Esther at www.ekhartyoga.com