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And something that might help…

Ladies hitting the menopause will be familiar with hot flushes and nights sweats. The continual sleep disruption can be really debilitating.

One product that we have come across that does help to manage night sweats and hot flushes is the Chillow Pillow.

chillow pillowThere are two types of Chillow – a mini Chillow and a full size Chillow. What we discovered in using the mini- Chillow is that it really can help to manage hot flushes. The Chillow stays cool and our reviewer found the best method was to put the Chillow at the back of the neck the moment a hot flush begins. Cooling the neck in this way seems to stop the flush from developing into a full blown episode.

At night we found it too cold to sleep on all night, however in a hot climate this might be a good thing. For night sweats our reviewer again found that by keeping the Chillow next to the pillow, it was in easy reach if a night sweat begins. Again placing it so that the back of the neck is on the pillow stopped the night sweat. Some nights are worse than others and for bad nights our reviewer did find it helpful to fold the Chillow in such a way that the neck was cooled while the rest of the head was on the regular pillow.

We’re basing this on use in a cold country during winter so if anyone has used this in a hot climate let us know how it worked for you.

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