iFightDepression.com aims to promote and increase awareness of depression and suicidal behaviour by providing comprehensive information about depression and its consequences.

It is a service for everyone and has special resources and tools for health professionals also.

In brief it provides information on the following:

  • How to recognise depression – the causes, signs and symptoms
  • Helpful strategies for promoting positive mental health, including self-management resources,
  • How and where to get help for depression
  • How to support a family member, friend or person in need of assistance. 
  • Tips on health eating, good sleep patterns, social contact, physical activity and more

For Health care professionals:

  • Information, tailored resources and best-practice recommendations
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Use of the iFightDepression tool within your practice to help patients 

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The ‘iFightDepression tool

The iFightDepression tool is a guided, internet-based self-management programme for individuals experiencing mild to moderate depression that was developed based on existing evidence, best practice recommendations and user and expert consensus.

The tool is free to use and is intended to help individuals to self-manage their symptoms of depression and to promote recovery, with support from a trained GP or mental health professional.

The tool is based on principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), a type of therapy which has been proven to be effective in treating depression.

How it works..

The iFightDepression tool consists of informative modules that focus on:

  • increasing daily activity,
  • identifying and challenging unhelpful thought patterns,
  • monitoring mood,
  • adopting healthy sleeping patterns
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Associated worksheets and exercises encourage users of the tool to practice and consolidate new skills and to promote self-monitoring.

The tool is currently available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Estonian, Dutch, Hungarian, and Bulgarian.

For more go to ifightdepression.com

Further information:

iFightDepression is an initiative of the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) and was developed and implemented by the PREDI-NU (Preventing Depression and Improving Awareness through Networking in the EU)Funded by the European Commission in the Framework of the Health Programme – Consumer, Health and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA; formerly EAHC- European Agency for Health and Consumers).