Puressentiel air purifying room spray

by Justina Hurley

Puressentiel Purifying Spray

In my Energy Therapy practice I use essential oils quite a lot and one range I’ve discovered that I really love, but which is only available online, is the Puressentiel range.

As I work in a few locations and in a medical surgery also, it’s not always possible to burn oils so my mainstay is the Puressentiel Purifying Spray. I originally received it as a present from France and it took me a while to track down a supply when I needed a new bottle. That is why I’m writing about it here as I’m often asked what the lovely smell is and where I get the spray.

It contains 41 essential oils that have antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. The overall scent is really gorgeous and it’s a great one to use also if you have a cold or if there is someone ill in the house, as it really freshens and cleanses the air. The bottle also says that it kills kill dust mites, germs, viruses and fungi. I’m not sure about all of these but it is definitely good for viruses and germs. It’s a great advantage to find a disinfectant that is soothing, relaxing and uplifting – and all at the same time!

The oils in this mix are:

Dill, anise, basil, bay St Thomas, rosewood, Cajeput, Cinnamon china, atlas cedar, lemon, lemongrass, cumin, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, juniper, geranium, ginger, cloves, lavender, lavender grosso, mace, mandarin, wild marjoram, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, myrrh, melaleuca, orange, oregano, parsley, sour orange small grain, pine, rosemary, savory, sage officinalis, thyme, tea tree, thyme, verbena, and wintergreen.

As many of the oils that work against MRSA are contained in this mix, (see the article on that here )  it’s no wonder that this spray has such a good cleansing quality.

About the company

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 01.55.55Puressentiel is produced by a family owned company in Belgium.

Isabella and Marco Pacchioni had a passion for aromatherapy and natural products and wanted to create a range that was easy to use and of a high standard.

Together with a team of botanists, researchers physicians and pharmacists, they developed the Puressentiel range. Each product is a pure concentrate of natural active ingredients.

As all the ingredients are sourced from nature, their ethos is to ensure that supplies are not over farmed and often crops are planned several years before the first harvest to create a self sustaining, natural supply. Also they commit to partnering with local communities and purchasing at fair prices. They say:

To do this we must embrace the full protection of nature this includes: ecosystem preservation and biodiversity, sustainable development, protection of villages , families and farmers …

You can buy this spray on Amazon – Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray with 41 Essential Oils 200ml
or the 500ml bottle on Farmaline.

I’ve found that a bottle lasts for quite a long time as you only need to spray once or twice and the scent lasts for the whole day.

pureessentiel air purifying 41 oils
Amazon 200 ml
puressential purifying 500ml
Farmaline 500ml bottle