A nice infographic by the writers of a free ebook on chakras.

A very handy reminder of the various yoga poses that correspond to each chakra. Developed by Health Perch digital health magazine to accompany a free ebook they have produced on chakras. They say:

The word “chakra” — and its sometimes hard-to-grasp meaning — may feel foreign or unapproachable to many of us. Though the history of chakras spans centuries, the idea of balancing our seven main energy centers has gained popularity in the hyper-connected smartphone era where work-life balance and taking time to focus on the self are often rarities.

In this book, you’ll find a break down of each chakra, it’s corresponding colors, sounds, emotions, and ways to tap into their key functions. Because chakra history is vast and there are varying beliefs about their complex nature (from origins to legitimacy), we’re presenting this information as a broad overview — think of it as a beginner’s guide to balancing the chakras.

To download Health Perch’s  free 31 page ebook and start balancing your Chakras through yoga poses go to Health Perch.



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