The Wild Divine is a series of biofeedback computer games that take gaming to a new level.

Rather than the traditional ‘shoot-em-up’ type experience we normally associate with gaming, these games require that you master states of peace and inner wellbeing to advance through the levels of the game.

Watch this video to learn more about the original game:

The game has now been updated to match the latest developments in computing and the new version is called Return to the Sun Realm. According to the information on the wild divine website:

Wild Divine’s adventure games Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage and Wisdom Quest were influenced by the groundbreaking Myst series of games. Myst was a serene, wonderful world full of puzzles and brain teasers you had to solve to further the story.

In Wild Divine’s Sun Realm, you use your Iom and learn ancient and modern techniques for self command to solve the puzzles via Active Feedback events. For instance, one event requires you to relax and clear your mind to stop an angry, roaring tiger from blocking your advancement, another event requires you to raise your energy to lift a rock that is blocking an entrance.

As you travel the Sun Realm, you’ll find the skills you practice and master carry over into real-life. You’ll find things just get easier, relationships deepen, worries and fears abate, difficult people no longer bother you as much, and life becomes clearer.

Have a look here:

The game is played with sensors attached to the fingers of one hand that measure the player’s Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Increased SCL indicates increased autonomic nervous system activation, which is associated with increased energy-both positive, like excitement, and negative, like fear.

You are given instruction on various breath techniques and you know you are getting it right by exploring the realms within the game and each level unlocks when the sensors detect that your feedback is showing the right state.

According to Dr. Bob Whitehouse, who is a biofeedback certified psychologist & board member of the Assc. for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback:

“Active (Bio) Feedback uses electronic equipment to monitor internal physiological states and gives feedback that helps the recipient learn how to control these states; To activate, balance, release or to recover from them. Usually this also involves a coach, who guides the process, interprets the results, and makes suggestions.In the Wild Divine programs however, the guide/coach is included in the programs & games, and the program itself gives you personalized information about your progress.”

As well as being a fantastic game, with lots of levels to play, it is also incredibly beautiful and has a gorgeous soundtrack.

The game is moderately expensive ($299.00) as to first play you need to buy the biofeedback equipment also, but once you have the equipment it makes follow on games a bit cheaper. And even better, there is also now an online version. You can check it out in the youtube below and also here: