Why do we find it so hard to change?

Is change possible? And even if it is how do we do it? How do we make change happen?

Dr Joe Dispenza has come up with some very clear and workable answers and solutions.

He explains how the brain works and how consciousness can be tapped to change behaviours that you no longer want in your life.

We’re going to write more about his methods in coming weeks, but for now listen to him speak about why and how is is possible not only to understand how we work on a deep level but how to access that part of us and use it to design and shape the life we want.

Listen to him speak to hear more about the science of changing your mind…

Some quotes from Dr Joe Dispenza:

The Quantum Field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.

Because our consciousness notices everything, it observes and pays attention to us. It is aware of our thoughts, our dreams, our behaviors, and our desires. It ‘observes’ everything into physical form.

One of my favorite things to do is to demystify the mystical. I love to take abstract concepts and begin to use science as the contemporary language of mysticism – to make it practical enough that every single person has at their very fingertips the ability to apply it to some aspect of their life.

The main purpose of meditation is to remove your attention from the environment, your body, and the passage of time so that what you intend, what you think, becomes your focus instead of these externals. You can then change your internal state independent of the outside world.

About Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza, D.C., first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

Since that movie’s release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect his passion for exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life.

As a researcher, Dr. Joe explores the science behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases. He is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

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