Really dead – no respiration, no heart beat, no EKG brain wave.

In an interesting article by physicist, Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot, he highlights the work of Dr Sam Parnia who is reviving patients after they have been clinically dead for three to four hours. He comments:

This is not an NDE, but actual permanent death. His secret for full recovery is hypothermia.

When a patient cannot be revived with CPR and defibrillator,. instead of declaring them dead (as is standard procedure in most hospitals), Dr. Parnia quick cools them so their cells won’t deteriorate. Then using MRI and x-rays to locate the problem (for example a blocked artery to the heart), the doctors decide what to do, perform the necessary bypass and then when finished, use the defibrillator to revive the patient who has, for several hours, been literally dead by every definition we know. He does not use any artificial means to support life, just cools down the dead cadaver. Of the numerous patients brought back this way, some have NDE like memories of the time while they were dead.

He is Dr. Sam Parnia M.D his book is ERASING DEATH ©2013.
Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death

He says “So by definition there has to be some sort of “afterlife”, even if only for a few hours after death……The idea that when we die there is nothing that remains seems at best premature…If the human consciousness or soul does indeed continue to exist well past the traditional markers that define death, does it reall ever die as an entity?”

you are dead

Watch Dr. Parnia speaking on this and how it is affecting definitions of consciousness below:

Resuscitation Experts on Near Death Experiences

Emergency medicine experts Lance Becker and Sam Parnia and neurointensivist Stephan Mayer discuss patients who have had near death experiences and experienced consciousness while they were dead.

Redefining and reversing death: what has resuscitation science taught us? – Sam Parnia