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When weight becomes an issue that is damaging to health and there is a need to really shed the pounds as soon as possible, then that may be the time to consider trying a very low calorie diet plan suited to your specific needs.

The Exante Diet is getting very good feedback as a very low calorie diet meal provider and personally tailored diet programme. This is not a diet plan to dabble with however, as you will be consuming less calories than your body requires while on any of the Exante diet solutions. They say:

It is important that you are eligible to follow Exante Diet. To follow Exante Diet you must meet a criteria based on your age, BMI and medical health. As Exante Diet is unable to medically monitor your health you need to make sure that you have discussed Exante Diet with your GP. We would recommend that you consult your GP before embarking on any weight loss program.

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Exante offer total meal replacement products such as, soups, shakes, bars and food packs (porridge, pasta carbonara, shepherds pie etc). All products are free of aspartame, artificial colours, MSG and genetically modified products. Gluten free options are also available.

You then use three a day to replace your normal meals. This way you cut down your daily calories while still receiving 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals. Using this approach means that you stay fit and healthy whilst you lose weight, because your body has all that it needs to enable safe and effective weight loss.

It’s no secret that willpower is a key ingredient of any diet. But it’s not easy trying to lose weight, so if you’re struggling then take a look at these top ten motivational tips for dieting from Exante.

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1. Think about why you started and write it down

If you’re just about to give up and order a takeaway, stop and think about why you decided to diet in the first place. It could be for health reasons, in which case losing weight is not only personal preference but possibly a matter of life and death.

You might be unhappy with how you feel because of your weight. Perhaps it’s stopping you from doing things you wish you could, or it’s affecting your family life. Maybe you’re unhappy with how you look, and you’re fed up with not being able to wear the clothes you want, or you feel unconfident and embarrassed about how you look.

Write down the reason(s) why you decided to lose weight. If these are negative things such as “because I’m unhappy with how I look”, write down how this will change if you successfully lose weight, such as “I will look great and wear the clothes I want to with confidence”. If the reason(s) you’ve given are positive, such as “to feel healthier and fitter”, then write down how this will change if you don’t lose weight, such as “I won’t be able to run around with my kids”. Keep this and look back at it whenever you feel like giving up.

2. Put a picture of yourself when you were happy with your weight on the fridge

If you have a picture of yourself when you were happiest with your body and weight, perhaps from when you were younger or before you had children, stick that photo on the fridge, or wherever you’re likely to go rummaging for snacks.

3. Make your goals achievable

If you set an unrealistic target, it is unlikely that you will reach it, at least not for a long time. It is far better to set micro-goals. Even if your goal is to lose 10 stone, set a 2 stone goal and once you reach it, set your next goal. You’re more likely to hit your goal and be motivated to continue to reach the next goal.

4. Reward yourself

When you set your goals, set a reward for when you reach them so you have something to look forward to. Buy yourself a new pair of jeans when you reach your first goal, maybe a spa day at goal 2. When you reach your final goal weight, book yourself a holiday in the sun! But only if and when you reach your target, no cheating.

Read inspiring stories about how others have successfully lost weight

Tamra after and before the diet
Tamra after and before the diet

When you read an inspiring story such as how Tamra dropped 12 dress sizes, you probably think “if she can do it, so can I”. And you’d be right. We’re not talking about celebrities with big financial incentives and an army of personal trainers. Read the weight-loss success stories of real people just like you. There are some stories on the Exante Diet website.

5. Buddy up!

Dieting with a friend, family member or partner can really help you stay strong and not fall off the weight-loss wagon. If you ever feel like breaking your good habits, your buddy can help you get through it and vice versa. You’ll also feel like you can’t let your buddy down and so you stick to your diet in order to help your buddy too!

6. Weight loss results

Seeing your weight drop on the scales each week is one of the most popular forms of motivation reported by our customers at Exante Diet. Some prefer to measure themselves, others simply rely on ‘feeling’ and the looseness of their clothes. Either way, seeing results can be the ultimate motivator to carry on. But it’s also dangerous to rely on each week if your weight plateaus or even increases. The important thing is not to give up because weight loss is not linear and even if you’re following your diet to the letter, other factors such as your time of the month can affect water retention and ultimately your overall weight. You just need to stick with it.

7. Focus on a future event

Are you losing weight for your wedding, or a summer holiday? Get your calendar out and mark that date. Print a picture of your favourite wedding dress, or your holiday destination and keep it in your purse/wallet for when times are tough.

8. Flick a band on your wrist if you ever feel tempted by food

Snacking is often a habit that is bordering on the subconscious. It is easy to drift to a packet of crisps and start munching like a possessed zombie. Flicking a hair band or elastic band on your wrist is a good way to wake yourself up and focus your mind on your weight loss goal.

9. Look at yourself in the mirror

If you’re really unhappy with how you look, looking in the mirror can be depressing so approach with caution. This tip is best for people who don’t mind a kick up the bum and a dose of harsh reality to get motivated.

10. Bonus Tip – Use a mobile weight tracker

study at North Western University Feinberg School of Medicine found that people who used a mobile app to track their eating and activity patterns were more successful in losing weight. Participants using the app lost a higher amount of weight over a year.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 02.28.35You can download the Exante Diet Tracker app for iPhone which was designed specifically for tracking your weight-loss. It has motivational quotes, a graph for viewing your weight loss since you started, the ability to set reminders and targets, and a BMI calculator.

We find tracking your weight is very important for those weeks where the weight loss hasn’t been as significant as you’d hoped. If this happens, just look at your weight graph and you can see that although you may have only lost 1lb last week, in the past month you’ve lost 10lbs for example.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated during your diet?  What about when you’ve successfully reached your target weight and you’re maintaining?  How do you make sure you don’t put your weight back on?  Let us know in the comments below.